Meet Zayna

Zayna de Gaia is a happiness and wellness coach+ intuitive healer + teacher of teachers. She’s passionate about yoga, empowerment and the ongoing orgasms of being ALIVE!

Helping others discover true happiness + vibrant health, unleash their leadership and live their true life purpose is what ignites her fire!

She sees coaching and teaching as vehicles for reflecting back at people their own light and creativity so they can show up in the world confident, authentic and fully self-expressed- all with the big picture intention of transforming the world, one soul at a time.

She’s also a yoga teacher, Reiki healer and author of the book “Thank you for HPV: A simple guide to healing yourself”. Zayna lives in Dania Beach, Florida where she manages a community yoga and wellness center, I Love Yoga, teaches classes and leads yoga teacher training certifications.

  “Love yourself and all will come”- Zayna

“Thank You Zayna- you helped me to discover the greatness in me. It started immediately after I registered- just making the commitment to this program transformed my life”. Jeanette G.
“Through this program, I am in a new realm of creating a community to support me and for me to contribute to. I’ve stopped resisting everything in my life and I’m in a new flow. Presence and awareness”
R. T.
“Thank You Z for this amazing experience. It was really powerful to stand-in the glory of who I am and see myself in a new way. I shed my “I don’t need anyone”  and my “ I don’t know” and I see my life with new eyes. I’m never alone and everything is possible. I’m excited about my life”
Hannah B.

4 thoughts on “Meet Zayna

  1. Zee – – – -beautiful teacher, writer, inspirational speaker, food lover, (I can’t spell connesuer) :)…..all the wonderful things that you are, how great to hear from you and see you (on u tube). I am loving your recipes. . . . . still waiting for the book. . . . but in the meantime it’s great. Ever since you visited Yoga in the Woods in Michigan and Myra and I took your class – – – – I’ve been using the Blentec daily and now have a Hurom juicer and am getting familiar with so many super foods and new ways of healing myself and my family . . . . . I am forever grateful for your efforts, teachings, inspiration, encouragement and instruction to see how easy it can be to change, especially change negative longstanding habits into healthy healing ways. Thank you thank you thank you. Keep on keeping on girl!!!!

  2. Most precious and lovely soul. You shine brightly and the world around you is fortunate to bask in the warmth of your glow.

  3. Beautiful Zee….keep on doing what you are doing!! Life is so much fun with you in it 🙂 By shining your light you allow us to shine ours….love your spirit, love your enthusiasm…love your smile and reflection of your kind soul!!! Thank you for YOU!! Sending you a big, juicy HUG….love you sister!!

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